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Where can I learn more about PoolTogether V5 bots?

Check out some of G9's bot creation tutorials on Mirror, read the dev docs to learn more about the protocol's design, or come chat with us on Discord.

How do I go about building on PoolTogether?

PoolTogether is completely permissionless. If you want to build something on top or related to it, just go ahead and do it! You can get started with the dev docs, UI templates such as the ones for SvelteKit or NextJS, or G9's SDK for interacting with the protocol.

How much can I earn by running bots?

This can vary greatly between different types of bots, and their efficiency. Since these incentives are built into the protocol, there can be substantial competition between bots. As the protocol grows and more yield flows through the hyperstructure, there are more incentives and more room for additional bots to compete. Check each type of bot above for an estimate of what is up for grabs.

Do I need to buy POOL to make a budget request?

While making a proposal onchain requires 10,000 POOL tokens, there are plenty of community members that are happy to sponsor worthwhile proposals. Simply bring up the topic of sponsorship when discussing your proposal.